Dear Neighbour,


Thank you for joining the mailing list for the protest group against the Cell Tower.

We urge you to write to our MP John McKay, asking him to put a stop to the Bell Cell Tower.


Note: NO STAMP required for mail to the House of Commons.


If you are pushed for time you can use the example letter below. Just add your address (this is important) and sign it. Any personal thoughts could be added as a “PS”.


Alternatively, you may wish to write your own note (free hand will do) expressing your concerns. Again, you should include your address.


To contact John McKay directly, you could also consider sending your message via e-mail. His e-mail address is:


In addition, please call, send messages, letters and faxes to EACH of these. Because the only way to stop this tower is by demonstrating that it is unwanted by many people, this is VERY IMPORTANT! Your voice counts. Please do it today:



Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church

140 Guildwood Parkway, Toronto, ON M1E 1P4

Tel: (416) 261-4037


Paul Ainslie, City of Toronto Councillor, Ward 43

100 Queen St. W, Suite C52, Toronto, ON M5H2N2

(416) 392-4008


Joe Doria, Engineer, Industry Canada

Industry Canada – Spectrum Management

55 St. Clair Ave East, Toronto, ON M4T 1M2

Tel: (416) 713-2671


Piero Greco (Bell Mobility - Project Manager)

5099 Creekbank Road, 6N

Mississauga, Ontario L4W5N2

Tel: (905) 282- 3622




Thanks for your help!

Concerned Neighbours Action Group. You can contact us at or via website

(please do not respond to this message, the return address is not monitored)





Hon. John McKay M.P.

House of Commons

Parliament Buildings



K1A 0A6




Dear Mr. McKay,



Re: STOP the Bell Communications Tower!



I live in Scarborough-Guildwood and am seriously concerned about the proposed construction of an 11-storey (115 feet) wireless communication tower in the grounds of the Presbyterian Church at 140 Guildwood Parkway.  Primary issues include:


·       Potentially serious health effects due to its very close proximity to schools, daycare facilities and homes

·       Its ugly prominence in the centre of our beautiful wooded community

·       Serious impacts on property values


We were not consulted prior to selection of the site and urge you to ensure it is relocated to a safe, more appropriate location away from our homes, schools, daycare facilities and senior citizen homes.  


With kind regards,

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