Serious Microwave Pollution in your Synagogue Sanctuary

Broadcasting at 19600 mHz &23025 mHz from atop 4300 BATHURST ST, adjacent to your lovely shul, is the new telecom Globalive Wireless Management Corp. (Attn: Ahmed Derini), otherwise known as Wind (info obtained from Industry Canada).

My wife & I were invitees yesterday to the BaT MiTsVaH ceremony of the daughter of my cousin, Mark Vernon. It was pleasant to be there again among you, except that both of us quickly felt the effects of electromagnetic insult upon taking our seats in the sanctuary. A few years ago at similar services for another of Mark's daughters, we felt no such problem. Last fall Wind began deploying its dangerous transmitters throughout Toronto, some very near us near Bathurst-Wilson, against which we have had to take protective action, and your shul is very much closer to their antennae than our 200m from Wind's masts atop 333 Wilson. Top floor apartment dwellers at 2 Regal Rd (Davenport & Oakwood area) recently fled their dwellings of 15 & 25 years once they understoodtheir strange symptoms as microwave-induced illness, the obvious cause of which was deployment a few months prior of Wind antennae (and Bell ones) atop their building. There are ongoing legal proceedings re that.

All cell phone and base station radiation is dangerous. My wife & I felt telltale symptoms of strong microwave signal coming in probably mainly through your east wall and roof. I strongly recommend taking quick protective action to spare you congregants from this assault, prolonged exposure to which endangers the health of everything in various ways. I was at the centre of arranging for international expert witnesses to appear before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) this past Apr 27 & 29, who condemned the mass public exposure to such radiation at current permissive levels. It is high time for religious leaders to responsibly & openly join the battle against the horror perpetrated upon a hoodwinked general public. As an urgent initial step, you are urged to have someone with metering equipment test sections of the shul building, to ascertain where anti-microwave shielding should be deployed, since it is in the current context highly unlikely that even local upset could dislodge already installed transmitters.

We would not attend services there again unless there were protective changes made in this vein, it is that serious. We are also here to help anyone who wants to become further informed. As a start, if you are unfamiliar, since so much cruel and needless suffering has occurred, the mainstream media even has begun to show cracks: I suggest a decent piece in GQ mag Feb 2010 by C. Ketcham to get a sense of what's occurring, see Those HESA hearings in late Apr can be heard (best)or read (Meetings 13 & 12) via

One cannot blame oneself for being little informed about the dangers since scholarly & journalistic dissent have been effectively stifled to favour the mass deployment of this technology. (Note well that unsustainably rising health care costs correspond to the roll-out of mass deployments ince the late 90s, costs had plateaued for years, and the latter rise is not explainable by ageing & equipment acquisition.) But I almost would beg that religious leadership finally become knowledgeably involved, it is a spiritual issue at root, one that can be easily and deeply translated into Judaic terms.

If I may leave you, for example, with a provocative reference: the ancient 'aRON housing the tablets with its gold covering & other construction seems to have been a capacitor, enabling reception of microwave communication from on high. There is background microwave radiation at exquisitely low levels present down here that the whole BRiY'aH might be dependent upon for health. Certainly we are all unprepared to deal with the microwave assault coming down at us now such as is now invading your very sanctuary, from behind its ark no less. If artificial radiation has become so dense, it seems that much harder for any prophetic or other beneficial message to be received by our problematic human heads, more so as the blood-brain barrier is constantly breached contributing to early dementia and all manner of heretofore rare brain ailments. The other 'aRON in the MiDBaR is said to have carried YOSeF's bones, he who was the "brains"who somehow grasped, attributed always to messaging from on high, what was unfathomable to others. He was right. Alive today, I am sure he would warn of these same dangers.

Don't hesitate to call/email for further assistance with this. At least on the specific matter of protecting yourselves and congregants, actions like installing inexpensive metal screening could be very effective.


Good week,

Daryl Vernon

416 631 1495

61 Charleswood

Informant: Iris Atzmon

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