This needs an urgent address and please do not say its outside your remit.The mear fact none of this is being address truthfully has allowed the government to believe its own spin... With scientists who get payed by the UK government reluctant to speak out while others are ignored and gagged. I have been to a meeting at The Royal Society in London. month ago even scientists at this meeting, don`t seem to be able to get info. out into the media.There is a deliberate suppression or so it seems by all the media...

Only articles published in The Royal Societies own Journal are considered as policy by the UK government.

The TV news and newspapers in general have fed us with false info on us over eating, and over eating causing health problems from diabetes to heart disease. Even drink lots of fluids is a false advice, could be bad for your health..
The diabetic association say that over eating is nothing, to do with diabetes.(People who are overweight might have diabetes, but its not a direct cause which is what some doctors even have been lead to think like. Its a genetic predispossession to the condition) The increase is not directly linked to food only that some thing may well of changed or aggravated the condition to occur sooner..(Electropollution is heavily implicated)

As for green issues, they are being muddled with a so called energy crises: Two presenters one Sat. Morning a few weeks ago, Breakfast BBC news cut a scientist short when he tried to say that Global warming was not being caused by increases in Carbon dioxide us humans were not able to do this much damage. (There`s a long list of scientists who tried to get this message over)Then the following day on Leslie Garrett's show on Sunday morning another interviewee was cut short when he said its not our Carbon dioxide causing Global Warming..

Science has known since the 1930`s that the Earth was going to tilt near the Sun (Arthur Mee`s Encyclopaedia):Its that and Sun Spots that`s causing global warming....(As the planet has always got hotter and colder).

We are being taxed for things that are due to natural phenomena.

While industry does what it likes..Buying green products and re-cycling our rubbish will make very little difference..

The fuel crises is due to the UK government not wanting to be beholden to Russian; not the fact there is no real fuel crises...... If one try`s to tell the media they just carry on spouting the same lies.

Wind Turbines are not Green Energy neather are they power effeicient. Thereby not a solution. The government is forcing councils to give them planning permission under force pretences.

A number of well known scientists at this meeting I went to at the Royal Society have been trying to raise the issue of electropollution and mobile phones causing real harm to our mind and body.. Which we for generations to come will quite possibility genetically never get over.. We will be permanently damaged with out basic biochemistry changed, so we will all become more sensitively to mobile phone radiation; as well as that of the Sun, telling us to put more Sun cream on, and a higher factor will not cure..

There has just been an announcement in the news this week children are not getting enough Sun in the UK to form Vitamin D hence they are getting Rickets...

I am wondering what idiot or idiots are telling us not to go out in the Sun, one moment then tell us our kids have Rickets something not known since the 1940`s..

Then saying mobile phones are safe, The BBC News reported two stories from the University of Essex in that mobile phones were considered safe..... They made a big thing of it.....Yet a few weeks earlier interviewed a suffer of electropollution in her own home..

Who was able to tell if the mobile phone was off or on.. ......

She was put through as part of the University of Essex research yet they then denied that there was anyone able to tell if the phone was on or off.

A team of psychologists, not anyone with a degree in electrical engineering performed the tests..The individuals that were sensitive were made too ill so they could not carry on the tests...

So the BBC were proud to tell us mobile phones were safe.. On the basis of the people who completed the test were not electrically sensitive:

Or had not been exposed enough till they knowing got sick in otherwords...

The scientists I met a the Royal Society had proven that mobile phone masts turn our melatonin levels off...... And that our ability to respond to infection and cancer is reduced along with links to Alzheimer's as the level of Acetyl Choline levels are over stimulated to increase for a while then the level drops and Alzheimer's sets in..

The scientists who know are being gagged by the governments and the media.
We are being left in a dangerous situation.

I hope you can find someone to address this:

If any one else wishes to write to the Press complaints commission please do so.