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EMFs and Their Potential Harm

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 by: Jo Hartley, citizen journalist
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Key concepts: EMFs, EMF and Health

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(NaturalNews) How concerned should we be about electromagnetic fields (EMFs)? In general, EMFs are probably not the most dangerous or troublesome source of harm people may consider in their daily lives. There are many more blatant sources of harm to one's health. However, it is important to realize that EMFs are potentially dangerous to our health.

Is it possible that the EMFs from power lines, transformers, airport radar, computers, microwave ovens, and other home wiring may cause brain tumors, miscarriages, birth defects, leukemia, headaches, cataracts, stress, heart problems, cancer, and other health problems? YesÂ…this is not only possible, but a growing number of experts now believe that EMFs may be a part of many of our health problems.

We are surrounded by all of these things in our daily life, to one degree or another. Electricity is an integral part of our lives and this means that EMFs will surround us everywhere we go. There is no doubt that electricity makes life easier. But at what price?

Experts agree that limited exposure to EMFs is not dangerous. But it may not be a good idea to use an electric blanket, or to live near a substation, or to spend a lot of time in a room where power enters a home. This kind of exposure may fall under the definition of "chronic exposure." Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who fit this description and there may be devastating health effects because of this chronic exposure.

There is extensive controversy about how much EMF exposure is safe. Because there has not been a consensus, this is something that is left to individuals to decide. A common level set by many utility and government documents is 0.5 mG (mG: milliGauss). A Gauss is a unit of measurement of magnetic field strength. A level higher than 0.5 mG is considered above the usual ambient exposure. Many experts consider 0.3 mG to be an acceptable level; the EPA has proposed a standard of 0.1 mG.

A Gauss meter is an instrument that measures the strength of magnetic fields. Gauss meters vary in strength. An acceptable meter used to measure EMFs from power lines, transformers, substations and appliances in a home should be able to measure starting at 0.1 mG.

It is prudent to avoid low-frequency electromagnetic fields found in electric blankets and waterbed heaters. It is also a good idea to avoid close exposure to any AC/DC transformer for appliances that are plugged into a wall. Striving to make a reasonable effort to avoid prolonged exposure to EMFs is a wise idea. We cannot escape electricity, but limiting EMF exposure is not only possible, but prudent. Your long-term and short-term health will be better by making these efforts.

Source: http://www.healingdaily.com/emf.htm

About the author

Jo Hartley
Wife, Mother of 8, and Grandmother of 2
Jo is a 41 year old home educator who has always gravitated toward a natural approach to life. She enjoys learning as much as possible about just about anything!
http://loftymatters.com - Current Events
http://winemaiden.com - Simply Abundant Living

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