The Children's Wireless Protection Act

The below video was prepared to help raise your awareness and gather signatures in support of protective legislation we are bringing to inform the public about the FACT that cell phones can cause brain cancer, brain tumors and a host of other serious life threatening illnesses...

The legislation entitled The Children's Wireless Protection Act calls for warning labels on cell phones for children and pregnant women, the most vulnerable of the population. If you would like to skip the video and just sign the petition for legislation, please click here...

We desperately need your signature...Recently, the state of Maine voted UNANIMOUSLY amongst the legislative council (4 Republicans, 6 Democrats) to introduce it as an emergency bill in 2010. It now goes to committee and then to the full legislative body of Maine for a final vote (approx. 200 legislators). We will also be having hearings at the federal level in 2010 to vote this bill into law for all of the US.


PLEASE sign the petition and pass it on to every and anyone you know who uses a cell phone. As you will see in the video, children are not the only ones at risk.

If you have already signed this petition, please pass this email on so others can watch the video, get informed, sign the petition and help us enact this bill.

If you would like to find out more about this dire situation, you can visit our website...

Thank you for signing. Please pass it on to everyone on your email list who uses a cell phone. Please post it on your Facebook, Myspace and Twitter account.

Thank you for helping us enact this desperately needed legislation. We cannot do it without your help.

Liz Barris,

The Peoples Initiative Foundation

Informant: Martin Weatherall