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January 2009 - Science Update

The following is a quick summary of another fourteen papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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From Powerwatch Breaking News: 10/02/2009

Research Article

Effect of long term exposure to 0.5 T static magnetic fields on growth and size of GH3 cells

Arthur D. Rosen *, Erin E. Chastney

Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

email: Arthur D. Rosen (

*Correspondence to Arthur D. Rosen, Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907.


DC magnetic field • GH3 cells • cell proliferation • cell morphology


Brief exposure to moderate intensity static magnetic fields has been shown to produce a transient alteration in physiological function in a variety of biological systems, primarily those related to changes in intracellular Ca2+. In the present study GH3 cells were cultured during continuous exposure to a 0.5 T field, for periods of up to 5 weeks. Following a 1-week exposure, cell growth declined by 22% and returned to control levels in 1 week. This was not statistically significant but, with a 4-week exposure, a statistically significant decline in growth of 51% was observed and return to control levels did not occur for 4 weeks. Cell diameter, on the other hand, significantly increased following 3 weeks of exposure and did not return to control levels for 3 weeks after termination of exposure. Ca2+-dependent changes in the dynamic reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton are suggested as the probable explanation for these observations. Bioelectromagnetics 30:114-119, 2009. © 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

Received: 26 October 2007; Revised: 22 August 2008

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10.1002/bem.20452  About DOI


Dear Mr DeJesus,

With interest I read the abstract of your co-authored study "Paraquat is excluded by the blood brain barrier in rhesus macaque: An in vivo pet study".

I suffer from Multiple Chemcial Sensitivity (MCS), a condition in which a permanently broken down blood-brain barrier (BBB) has been found, according to the German researcher Bodo Kuklinski. When I had a loading with paraquat I remember a number of neurological and psychological symptoms, severe headaches, irritability loss of short term memory, complete lack of any dream recollection were among them. People with MCS have a high risk of Parkinson disease.

Are you aware of the research into electromagentic fields, especially microwave effects on the BBB? A number of Swedish researchers, Salford, Bertil and Persson have publisehd a number of studies that showed a permeated BBB and leaking of albumin.

Would you consider repeating your study under conditions of microwave exposure that has become common for a high percentage of the population in the western world?

Radiofrequency and Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Effects on the Blood-Brain Barrier

Kind regards,

Dorothee Krien


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Effects of nonionizing radiation on birds
T. E. Bryan and R. P. Gildersleeve

Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1997;54:676-680; doi:10.1136/oem.54.9.676
Copyright © 1997 by the BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

Effects of exposure to microwaves on cellular immunity and placental steroids in pregnant rats.

H Nakamura, T Seto, H Nagase, M Yoshida, S Dan, K Ogino

Department of Public Health, Kanazawa University School of Medicine, Japan.

Informant: Dorothee Krien