The Torture of Canadians

The request below for urgent assistance, was sent to the Canadian Prime Minister nearly two weeks ago. After a second message was sent, the Prime Ministers Office responded with a message that failed to address the serious concerns mentioned in the letter.

Any intelligent person working in the Prime Ministers office should be able to understand that my letter was not just 'comments' but was a very serious request for urgent action, for a Canadian in great need.

I would be very grateful if you would get involved, to assist Linda and others injured by electro hypersensitivity, by sending your own comments to the Prime .


Martin Weatherall

Dear Prime Minister

Please note that the purpose of my letter was of a very urgent nature, seeking immediate help for Linda Sepp, whose life is in danger.

Will your office be providing or directing any assistance to her?


Martin Weatherall

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Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 12:31 PM
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Please know that your e-mail message has been received in the Prime Minister's Office and that your comments have been noted. Our office always
welcomes hearing from correspondents and being made aware of their views.

Thank you for writing.

Sachez que le Cabinet du Premier ministre a bien reçu votre courriel et que nous avons pris bonne note de vos commentaires. Nous aimons être bien
informés de l'opinion des correspondants.

Je vous remercie d'avoir écrit au Premier ministre.

Dear Prime Minister

Would you please confirm that you received the letter (below) that I sent to you six days ago, was received and is being acted upon.
Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall

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From: Martin Weatherall
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 3:45 PM
Subject: Please help Linda Sepp

Dear Prime Minister

I have attached two letters which concern the life threatening situation of Linda Sepp. Linda has been copied with this message so you have her e-mail address. Her telephone number is 416 --- ---- Local and Provincial agencies have failed to find a solution to her problems.

I hope that you will give this your highest priority.

Yours Sincerely

Martin Weatherall

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Parliament of Canada

16 March 2010

Canadian Torture

Dear Prime Minister

The torture of Canadian citizens in foreign lands and the torture of detained persons in Afghanistan has been a cause for major controversy involving the Government of Canada. While that situation is about actions taking place thousands of miles away, many persons 'at home' in Canada, are daily enduring a form of torture yet their plight is being largely ignored. There is urgent need for the Government to assist these victims here in Canada.

The Government of Canada receives billions of dollars in license fees from companies that use wireless frequencies for cell phones and communication
systems. Unfortunately, exposure to those frequencies has caused many Canadians to develop severe environmental and electro magnetic sensitivities. This is causing serious health and financial difficulties for those affected and their families.

Electro hypersensitivity can be a torturous experience. Victims may suffer severely from exposure to electro magnetic radiation, at levels, which the Government deems safe and which is regulated by the Federal Government. Victims constantly have to avoid exposure from electro magnetic fields, electrical fields and electro magnetic radiation to avoid further harm. This is becoming very difficult, as wireless communications and wireless devices are being used everywhere.

Many persons, who suffer from electro hyper-sensitivity (EHS), also suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). This combination of EHS and MCS leaves victims in extreme peril. EHS and MCS are environmental sensitivities as recognized by the human rights commission. Some victims consider suicide, instead of enduring the continued torture of their existence. While little research has been done to discover why people become electrically sensitive, most victims can relate their illness to exposure from wireless or electrical sources. Some MCS cases may be caused or significantly affected by electrical and electro magnetic radiation.

I have suffered many of the known symptoms of electro hypersensitivity, which may also be known as microwave illness. Six years ago I retired from the Toronto Police Service and moved to a home where I was unknowingly exposed to dangerous electro magnetic radiation. For many months I experienced the agony associated with electro hypersensitivity. My symptoms included: not being able to sleep, not being able to think clearly, constant headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, joint aches, constant feeling of being unwell and cancer. It was like being tortured by dangerous and invisible forces within my own home and within Canada, yet receiving no help
or advice from local and federal government departments.

After suffering from many harmful and unpleasant symptoms for a year and developing cancer, I made the difficult decision to leave my home. Within days my health improved, my electro hypersensitivity stabilized. It remains manageable as long as I avoid further strong exposure to electro magnetic fields and electro magnetic radiation. Many electro hypersensitive victims, do not have the financial ability to move from their homes to safety because they cannot work and have very limited income.

There are several people whose lives are in great danger and their suffering is immense. I ask that your government put aside a small percentage of the wireless licensing fees to assist those who are suffering. These victims must be protected from further exposure to electro magnetic radiation.

Through no fault of their own and because of a failure of the government to properly protect them, these persons are enduring a 'living hell' of torture in Canada. These people can be found in every geographic area of Canada and they all need assistance as soon as possible.

Money is needed immediately for safe housing, special treatment clinics, special protective clothing, monitoring equipment and special EMF mitigating
equipment. There are people who are unable to attend at doctors' offices and hospitals because the electrical and wireless environment will harm them so
badly that they may not recover. There is a need to have 'EMF clean' areas of hospitals where there is no electro magnetic radiation and chemical pollution, so that environmental victims can be treated safely.

There is one particular victim, a woman living in Toronto, Linda Sepp who suffers severely from EHS and MCS and chemically induced Fibromyalgia. She
lives in a condemned house that is slated for demolition in the near future. She needs a home that has no traces of chemicals and things like chemical cleaning products, air fresheners, pesticides and building materials that are found in most homes today. She is unable to tolerate these contaminants and suffers severe reactions which are life threatening.

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation has done research on contaminant free homes. They are well aware of how safe housing improves health and provides victims the ability for victims to contribute to society again, for people who are otherwise completely disabled and debilitated.

Linda cannot drink tap water because chlorinamines and PPPC's are poison to her. She cannot wash or shower in tap water because the chlorine burns her
skin and causes terrible reactions. She cannot even wash her clothes in tap water because the chlorine residue contaminates her clothes and she cannot wear them. She badly needs a whole house water filtration system to remove these chemicals, but cannot afford it.

She has virtually no clothes. She cannot wear clothes that have any traces of chemicals and this means that she can only use untreated natural cotton which is very expensive and she cannot afford. She needs to have a washing machine which has never been contaminated with commercial scented, chemical
washing detergents or clothing which contained contaminants.

Her home must be safe from electrical fields and electro magnetic radiation. Linda cannot live close to people who use chemicals and or other sources of
airborne pollution. She must be housed away from any exposure that may come from homes nearby, such as clothes dryer vents.

Linda's health is very poor and quickly getting worse. Her condemned home has a serious mold problem that is causing a deterioration of her health, and is aggravating her environmental sensitivities. She only has a very short time before she faces eviction. This is an emergency situation that needs leadership and decisive action to help a Canadian citizen in great need. I ask that you provide all possible assistance to Linda, as soon as possible, so that her torture can be lessened and her life saved.

For more detailed background info about Linda and her situation, see the Canary Report a blog and social network about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Also a Facebook page at

There are several others across Canada that badly need help but I ask you to assist Linda Sepp first as she is the person with greatest needs and who is in most danger. I have attached a letter that was written previously by Dr. Marshall, an environmental health specialist who was trying to assist Linda with accommodation issues. Her letter puts Linda's difficulties and the urgency of her situation into better perspective.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic

Environmental Health Clinic
Room 1001, 10th Floor
Tel (416) 351-3764
Fax (416) 323-6130

9 October 2009
Mr. Howard Akler
Eviction Prevention
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
#101-A-340 College Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 3A9

Dear Mr. Akler:
Re: Linda Sepp

Ms. Sepp was assessed by Dr. Hans Christian Raabe and myself in the Environmental Health Clinic in November, 2005. Ms. Sepp suffers from multiple severe allergies and environmental sensitivities, as well as fibromyalgia, conditions which are permanent, although their severity may vary according to the patient's exposure to triggering agents. Ms. Sepp has corresponded with me by e-mail, since she can no longer travel to the clinic, and, in any case, has had the maximum visits we can provide.

If Ms. Sepp is exposed to allergens or triggers such as in scented products, laundry and cleaning products, carpeting, particle-board, pesticides, moulds, wireless technologies, etc. she suffers from inability to concentrate, poor memory, profound fatigue and muscle weakness that makes it difficult for her to walk, migraine headaches, and generalized muscle pain.

In order to avoid repeated episodes of such severe symptoms, Ms. Sepp must avoid exposure to her allergens and chemical and electromagnetic triggers.

My understanding is that she is in urgent need of safe housing, a situation she has been unable to rectify since I saw her in 2005, and that her health has deteriorated considerably since then. In my opinion, from my further communication with her, if Ms. Sepp is unable to live in safe housing to meet her special needs, it is probable she will require ongoing help and assistance with activities of daily living. As it is, she requires assistance when shopping for groceries due to her deteriorating health and the increased use of strong fragrance and air freshener chemicals being used and sold in grocery stores, some of which cannot be effectively removed from areas they have been used.

Ms. Sepp is unable to use a public or shared laundromat due to the chemicals used in regular laundry products, which severely impair her ability to function. She requires her own washing machine at home to avoid these triggering substances.

She also requires whole house water filtration (like that available in the Environmental Health Clinic, Dallas) to filter all the water including for cooking and drinking, as well as for washing clothes and bedding.

In order to make the indoor air safer for her to breathe, she needs to have at least 2 or 3 high quality air filtration units with activated carbon and HEPA filters (without harmful glues) to remove the volatile organic compounds which contribute to her illness.

Since avoidance of allergens and triggers is the most important factor in treatment, it is also necessary for this patient to sleep in an environment free of allergens and triggers.

This necessitates a bedroom dedicated to sleeping only and a second bedroom for other things like clothing, and her desk and computer, as well as private storage, preferably vented, private ensuite laundry, and private handicapped accessible parking.

Most existing social housing units have shared or common air space and hallways, which would expose Ms. Sepp to ongoing allergens and triggers, as well as to wireless technologies, which I understand now also trigger her symptoms.

She cannot share air with other people, either by HVAC or through cracks in units or shared hallways and requires a detached two bedroom home in a chemically safe area.

In my view, it is urgent that some mechanism be found to assist Ms. Sepp to locate a suitable home to prevent even more suffering and deterioration in her already extremely compromised health.

Yours truly,

Lynn M. Marshall

Assistant Professor, Clinical Sciences Division,
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Faculties of Medicine, Lakehead and Laurentian Universities

Lecturer, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Medical Education Liaison/Staff Physician, Environmental Health Clinic
Women's College Hospital, 76 Grenville Street, BH 518
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1B2
Tel (905) 845-3462, Fax (905) 845-3794

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