Modification of clinically important neurotransmitters under the influence of modulated high-frequency fields

Will microwaves kill more than cigarettes and asbestos combined?

As far as testing goes, I prefer the building biology approach where you take readings of all possible frequency bands at the actual location of where a person may stand, sit, or lie down. The testing for harmonic distortions on wiring is important. It is a vital measurement to ensure the proper functioning of electronic equipment. As far as human health is concerned, I would also like to see another measurement that shows the VLF exposure levels in free space where the actual exposure occurs in a person. If the exposure levels in the VLF or kHz range are found to be above 1 V/m as can be found routinely underneath fluorescent lighting or up close to laptops, I, too, would be very concerned. The Swedish low-emission standard for computer monitors recommends a VLF threshold limit of 1 V/m ( ). And in their latest brochure on compact fluorescent lamps, the BUND--the German branch of the Friends of the Earth--demands a VLF minimum threshold level of 0.2 V/m and a precautionary threshold level of 0.02 V/m ( ). The Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines do not specify reference values for the VLF range, but suggest to be more cautious in the assessment of higher frequencies (e.g. 1/10 of the ELF reference values which would translate into < 0.1 or 0.03 V/m for the "no concern range"). The same applies to the VLF magnetic field component.

Sam, I understand that it was rather difficult to obtain any EMF measurements at the La Quinta School. Was there a particular reason why the electric fields, the 60-Hz fundamental as well as the harmonics in the kHz range, were not measured in free space? Also, if all the wiring was enclosed in properly grounded metal conduit, I would not expect any major electric field exposures--be it in the ELF or VLF range, except for where devices like fluorescent lamps or other equipment is hooked up. But if no measurements were taken in free space, we will never know if the metal conduit acted as a shield or as an amplifier.

Was the cell tower you mention in your e-mail located near the La Quinta School?

As to exposure levels around cell towers, on page 37 of the Stewart Report from 2000 ( ), there is a nice graph showing that the main beam of the transmitter could touch the ground anywhere between 50 and 200 m, which is where rather high exposure levels may occur. In the Stewart Report, a 60-W transmitter was assumed and the exposure level at 50 m from a 10-m cell tower was given with 5 V/m or ca. 70,000 µW/m2. I do not consider this an urban background level. Just knowing the distance from a cell tower does not always tell the whole story, though.

Katharina Gustavs

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I was living 100m from phone mast and still feel the ill effects of microwaves, the villagers recovered after the removal of the mast. The mast did cause dirty electricity, but I became sensitive to microwaves from phone masts and still experience problems from time to time when near masts, mobile phones and Dect. Remember that the mobile phones are not connected to dirty electricity but still cause ill health.

Eileen O'Connor

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All cell towers have switching power supplies to convert the grid AC to DC to power the tower transmitter and to charge the back-up battery banks. These interrupt the current flow and generate high frequency voltage transients (dirty electricity) which travel in the grid for considerable distances. In the US, towers are located near schools and firehouses so the municipalities can collect rental income. Every school, firehouse, business and residence near a cell tower which I have measured has high levels of dirty electricity. A California elementary school with a cell tower located 20 feet from a classroom wing has an increased incidence of cancer in the school staff, and hyperactive, un-teachable children. I think it more likely that Eileen O’Connor’s cancer cluster was caused by dirty electricity than by RF (microwaves) from the tower, since the RF levels at 250 meters from a cell tower approximate general urban RF levels.

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Director of the Radiation Research Trust in the U.K., Eileen O'Connor, a breast cancer survivor, recently told the audience at the Commonwealth Club of California about what happened when the Wishaw T-Mobile phone mast went up in her small U.K. village. An estimated 77 percent of the residents within 500 meters became ill with a range of health problems from symptoms of electrosensitivity to infertility and cancer. Seven years later a cancer cluster was discovered in the village, after which the tower was forcefully removed.

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