Health Effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation

The first of these two Internet links is to an Italian EMF website (Avaate).  The link provides an executive summary of a very detailed, yet concise, report describing the health effects of electro magnetic radiation.  At the end of the summary, there is a further link to a copy of the full report.  I highly recommend that you read this report.  It is a good one to give to politicians, reporters, doctors, health authorities, family members, and friends.  I hope that you will consider providing the report to as many others (not spam) as you can.


The report is an excellent educational document which shows the extremely serious health problems that are being caused, or appear to be caused, by electro magnetic radiation.  It was commissioned by the Australian Democratic Party and released through the office of their leader, Senator Lyn Allison.  It is refreshing to know that the Australian Democrats are taking the health dangers of EMR so seriously and that they are concerned about the safety of Australian citizens in regard to this terrible danger.


The second link (petition 197) is a link to the reply from the Minister of Health in response to a petition that I presented to the Canadian Auditor General, Environmental Commission.  There are further links to my original petition and replies from three other Canadian Ministries.  While each of these inaccurate replies should be of great concern to Canadian citizens, I draw your attention to the response of John Baird MP, Minister of the Environment.  He states, "At the present time, Environment Canada has no regulations in place to protect the environment from the effects of electro magnetic radiation".  What this amounts to, is that we are facing what is possibly the worst environmental threat that Canada has ever seen and the Minister of the Environment cannot or will not act to protect the public!  I wonder if it is possible to trade Australian Senator Lyn Allison for Canadian Minister John Baird?


Martin Weatherall 


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