Know what is harming you and your children

Electronic Signal Bylaw

Tonight the City of Colwood Council unanimously passed a motion to implement the Electronic Signal Bylaw to its fullest extent. Their lawyers will be instructed to seek an immediate injunction against the owner of the land rented to the FM radio stations on Triangle Mountain to have the stations cease causing harmful interference for the residents of the area.

Of course there will be a court case, which will take time and money to win. This is a first in Canada, perhaps in North America, to uphold residents' rights to full enjoyment and security of their homes against this type of interference.

I hope to get a press release into the major newspapers in the next day.

Many thanks to the Mayor and Councillors for their steadfast support.

Sharon Noble

cc. Residents of Triangle Mountain


Non Consent Form for Wi Fi used in schools is attached as a separate document

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Mobile use 'can raise brain cancer risk' | Interphone, They ...

By danpite

Added Prof Denis Henshaw, Head of the Human Radiation Effects Group at Bristol University: “Why should it come as a surprise that pressing mobile phones to people's ears increases the risk of brain tumours? These findings are completely ...


Cancer cluster near the weather radar

In the stand south prefecture in Taiwan

It is cancer cluster near the weather radar.(2836MHz). They did the demonstration and the petition to Taiwan government.

Three mental retardation children in 100m from radar.

Cancer is five times the Taiwan average.
The auditory disorder is a lot of people.
The physically handicapped person is three times the Taiwan average.

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Know what is harming you and your children

Xirrus WIFI Array

States that "using 5.0 ghz is better then 2.4 ghz" however their Demo states they use BOTH the 2.4 and 5.0

Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demonstration

3 Models of the Array



Cellphone antenna locations

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Visit this site to see where cellphone antennas are located in Canada.

Type in an address and you will get information on nearby antennas, who owns them, and their carrier frequency.

This site is similar to in the U.S.

Magda Havas


Checking my locations hows only a couple of cell transmitters, not the 25+ which are near my home. And the location for the one across the street for me is incorrect. Just to warn people.

What I have done to get accurate info, is to get a longitude and latitude near my home (this was available at my City Hall planning department). Then go to the Industry Canada geographical search at: .

This is the site that, at least I've been told by IC, where info. is maintained for every transmitter. It gives frequency, owner and location. I check this site regularly to see what is happening in my area.

Sharon Noble

Informant: Martin Weatherall

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