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A friend of mine sent me word about this new auto-immune disease, then in a follow-up email, said she wonders if wireless radiation might be involved as it can cause a breach of the blood-brain barrier. It is just speculation on her part, but I thought I would pass this on in case you know of any researchers who may be interested in exploring this possible angle.


Also I've been getting a lot of replies to my post about that new autoimmune illness adults and kids are getting. People all over the world are seeking answers. Of course I don't have any but I know these parents and family are very fragile so I've been trying to respond positively, (so unnatural for me), and steer them to a good Facebook support group. I never meant to get into to this when I posted about the illness - I just thought it was scary but interesting. It's the sort of tipping point illness I always feared we'd see after what I saw during my brief stint in research the petrochem industry. The official tox info is bull.

But it may be that this neuro disease is caused by a strep strain. It's hard to tell with autoimmune illnesses but there was an epidemic of encephalitis lethargica in the early 20's that sounds something like this one. Here is the post. I wouldn't worry about the disease even though I get a lot of hits on this post.

You can see me in the comments, overwhelmed and struggling not to be co-dependent or seeming to give medical advice of ANY kind. This has got to be one of the most scary, demanding challenges for a family to handle. If you know anyone that has had sudden onset psychiatric, epileptic or severe neuro disease in the past few years and they are not responding to treatment, it could be this illness, or even a related illness caused by another antibody. They are discovering more. You can see a few comments on the post about people being in psych or brain injury wards for almost 2 years before hearing about this. I think more and more psychiatrists and neurologists are being educated, so hopefully people will get a faster diagnosis now.

I got you last email about the upper layer of the atmosphere shrinking and how it was good news for satellites. I got a chuckle since we are probably paving the way for a new form of life. Did you know that BP and PG&E are on a panel designing an environmental education curriculum for the state of CA? That is true. Also the American Plastics Council.

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